Tax Planning

Tax Planning

At Cramer Price & de Armas, P.A., we work with individuals and entities in our community to help them plan for their future. This includes tax planning. We help our clients assess the best options for their specific tax situations so that they are able to keep their estates for themselves and their heirs.

Many people think that tax planning is only for the wealthy. However, even the smallest estate can benefit from judicious planning. Because tax laws are constantly changing, it is important to stay abreast of the latest federal and state tax implications.

We work with our clients to plan their investments and gifts so that they not only do not run afoul of the law, but also so that they benefit from the law as they are meant to. For example, our attorneys can explain the implications of capital gains and losses and how they would affect your estate now and in the future. We want to be sure that your estate passes to your heirs as fully as possible, so we take pains to plan your estate to minimize or eliminate estate taxes.

For further information on how tax planning can affect you, contact our office today at (407) 843-3300. Our attorneys are ready to help you.

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