Real Estate and Mortgage Transactions (Purchase, Sale & Closings)

Real Estate and Mortgage Transactions (Purchase, Sale & Closings)

At Cramer Price & de Armas, P.A., we understand the American Dream of homeownership, and we work with home buyers, sellers and agents to navigate the real estate process. We assist clients through all phases of the purchase and sale of property from contract negotiations, financing, title insurance and the closing itself.

We also help our clients who want to purchase homes that are in foreclosure. We understand the regulations to be followed and the specific procedures that must be used in order to have a foreclosure sale go smoothly.

Our attorneys have helped clients navigate the process of loan modification, foreclosure and short sales. We work with clients and their lenders to modify mortgage payments so that they can stay in their homes. We also assist clients with the negotiation of a short sale of their property. During this often slow and trying process, we work to keep the dialog with lenders open and to make sure the review process moves forward.

If you are interested in purchasing or selling a home or other real estate and want to discuss your options, contact our office today at (407) 843-3300.

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