Contract Negotiations and Enforcement

Contract Negotiations and Enforcement

A properly drafted contract can go a long way to keeping your business running and forestalling legal complications and entanglements down the road. At Cramer Price & de Armas, P.A., we have the skills and knowledge needed to negotiate and craft contracts for our business clients. Whether it is a contract with a vendor or supplier, an employment agreement, or a real estate contract, we carefully create a document that addresses your specific needs, concerns and opportunities. By crafting the optimal contract, our attorneys help avoid the pitfalls of litigation.

However, despite the best contracts, disputes do occur. We have successfully represented for-profit and not-for-profit businesses in contract disputes, and are well-equipped to advocate on your behalf in mediation or in the courtroom. Just as importantly, we know that quick and efficient handling of a dispute is critical to the continued health of businesses. We work closely with our clients, analyzing each situation carefully, so that they can make the right decision for their business.

If your business needs to create or enforce a contract, contact Cramer Price & de Armas, P.A. today at (407) 843-3300.

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