David de Armas became certified as a Circuit Civil Mediator in 1993.

For more than twenty years Mr. de Armas has mediated lawsuits and pre-suit claims which mirror his litigation experience, including personal injury (including products liability), insurance coverage matters, insurer bad faith claims, and business and real estate disputes, among others. Mr. de Armas’ broad range of experience representing plaintiffs and defendants gives him a unique perspective from which to help parties utilize alternative dispute resolution to its maximum potential.

While Mr. de Armas firmly believes in our adversarial system of justice, he understands that utilizing creativity and experience to facilitate communication between adversaries can effectively and efficiently reduce costly litigation, a benefit to all parties to the dispute.

Mr. de Armas is fluent in Spanish, and often conducts private caucus sessions during mediation in Spanish (subject to certain limitations imposed by The Florida Bar).

Mediation conferences are held in our offices in College Park, with plenty of free parking, or at such other locations as may be chosen by the parties. Mr. de Armas will also travel a reasonable distance to conduct mediations, depending on the circumstances. There are no minimums and no cancellation fees.

Please call Alison Wittman at 407-843-3300 ext. 15 to schedule your next mediation.

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