How to talk to a lawyer

How to talk to a lawyer

I heard someone say once: No matter how old you get, you always think of yourself as a 16-year-old kid who’s in over his head. I find this is never more true than when it comes to any type of legal matter. If you’re looking to set up a trust, go into business with someone, or purchase real estate, the volume of information can be overwhelming. Often people respond by kicking the can down the road and not moving forward because they aren’t exactly sure how to proceed. And while that’s understandable, it’s isn’t a great strategy.

In fact, a common cliche among lawyers is the “why didn’t you call me before?” But we all know the answer: because everything about lawyering up is stressful. There is uncertainty about cost, about whether to call at all, what to say, whom to call. But let’s get over those hurdles and get you lawyered up!

Here’s are 3 tips talk to a lawyer:

  1. Be candid.

    For the most part, lawyers freely traffic in difficult conversations. We have to demand money from people. We have to tell people that their spouse doesn’t want to be married anymore! We are very comfortable in spaces that others find too awkward or tense. Use this to your benefit. Ask us any and everything. Don’t feel intimidated to ask questions that seem to breach normal protocols- especially about cost. We want to partner with you and want you to call us with quick questions before you make a decision. In order to do this, you need to have all the information and we need to have all the information from you.
  2. Ask for advice.

    Before I became a lawyer, I thought that lawyers spent their time in courtrooms badgering people or in conference rooms pounding their fists on desks. What I was surprised to find was that instead, the vast majority of our time is spent listening to people’s problems, finding out their goals and advising them step by step to move toward those goals. When you’re making decisions about how to structure financial gifts for your children or choosing how to structure or expand your business, you will find yourself worrying much less about legal issues and much more about the implications of your decisions.

  3. Get a follow up plan.

    Once you’ve traded lots of information and received some advice, it’s time to set a plan in motion. Find out what will be required from you and what will be handled by your attorney. Trade contact information and set a date to reconnect to check on progress.

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