Dissolution of Marriage

Dissolution of Marriage

A sad fact of life is that some marriages fail. When that happens, you need someone to guide you through a difficult path, and ease the stress and burden during the process.

Florida is a no-fault divorce state, which means that either spouse may file for divorce without citing a reason or assigning fault. Even in circumstances where both parties want to end the marriage, it is better for both parties to have knowledgeable attorneys protect their interests.

When children are involved, the parties generally want to work together to create a dissolution that takes into account the best interests of the children. Our attorneys are adept at working with parties to ensure that a viable, positive solution is put into place.

Our attorneys also work with clients in traditional litigated divorces in which the parties cannot come to agreement on terms, and aggressively advocate in the courtroom to protect our clients' needs.

We also work with clients in filing simplified divorces, when appropriate.

If you are in need of an attorney to guide you through your divorce, contact our office today at (407) 843-3300. We look forward to helping you start the next part of your life.